Arauco Pty Ltd

ARAUCO is one of the leading forest companies in the world with plantations and facilities based in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

The products and services provided by ARAUCO’s forestry, wood pulp, sawn timber, panels, and energy business areas embody the company’s commitment to sustainable resources management. ARAUCO employs certified production processes that have minimal environmental impact to deliver a broad range of high quality products, meeting the needs of customers in more than 75 countries.

In 2009, ARAUCO established a sales office in Sydney to promote and sell ARAUCO’s lumber, millwork and panel products throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Seafood Innovations

Seafood Innovations International Group Pty Ltd. (SIG) is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of welfare-friendly solutions for the fish harvest chain from point of seining to the provision of fish suitable for packing or value adding at the processing stage. 

Seafood Innovations Pty Ltd. (SI) was established in March 2001 as the business to build and market the SIG’s range of products and services.  To date, our patented technology has been successfully applied to a variety of fish species including Atlantic salmon, Yellowtail, Mulloway, Trout, Pangassius, Tilapia and Barramundi with future prospects including Cobia and Cod. 

The successful commercialisation of the SIG’s technology has assisted many Aquaculture companies world wide, to achieve humane, efficient and clean fish harvest practices with high quality product outcomes. 

We are progressively developing a world wide network support base with the establishment of SIG in Canada, exclusive agents in Norway and in the USA. SI has a strategically based an operations manager in Norway to support our northern hemisphere markets.   SI’s Head Office and manufacturing is located in Queensland, Australia.

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