The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious tertiary institutions. It offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs, and has produced numerous alumni of distinction ranging from Nobel Prize-winners in medicine, physics and literature, to heads of government in Australia and also overseas, to international leaders in professions such as engineering and law as well as industry and commerce.

The University is home to a number of important research institutes and centres. These are focussed on issues of major national and international significance – food production, minerals and energy resources, climate change and environmental sustainability, photonics, and health.

The University has a strong international orientation. Its student population of over 24,000 includes more than 6,500 students from 90+ countries around the world, including Chile and other parts of Latin America.  Annual surveys of these students confirm the quality and affordability of their experience.



The University of Sydney - Centre for English Teaching 

The Centre for English is a leader in many areas of research and maintains high standards of excellence in teaching and learning practices, which are distinctive trademarks of the University of Sydney.

We offer innovative, high quality English language programs tailored to the needs of high achievers who want to succeed in the international market. Whether you are a business professional, an academic or university graduate, our corporate English language programs will help you enhance your communication and leadership skills.

As companies engage with overseas markets they need competent global citizens capable of negotiating and communicating in a cross-cultural business environment. Targeting skills deficiencies in this area will address the future needs of your business. Through our assessment centre our experienced education experts will help you meet the skills gaps ensuring your staff become globally-literate and able to interact confidently in a competitive international business environment.

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