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Admiralty Resources NL

Admiralty Resources NL is a public listed company (ASX:ADY) with mineral interests in Chile and Australia.

Admiralty's flagship project is the Admiralty Minerals Chile Pty Ltd Agencia en Chile, holder of three iron ore districts (Harper South, Pampa Tololo and Cojin) and located near Vallenar, in the Region III of Chile.

Seven targets have been identified in the Harper South, with two targets, Mariposa and Soberana, being in a prefeasibility stage and expected to be in production in 2013-2014. The Pampa Tololo district has 3 targets and it is being subject to drilling and further exploration, as it is the Cojinr district.

In Australia, Admiralty has a 100% interest in the Bulman Project, a zinc and lead oxide deposit located in the Northern Territory and a 50% interest in the Pyke Hill Project, a mining lease over a nickel and cobalt deposit in Western Australia.


Atlantis Corporation


Australia Business Ltd

Bligh Capital Pty Ltd 

Bligh Capital is an independent advisory and investment firm with offices in both Sydney and Perth, Australia. The firm has two focused divisions:

Corporate Finance - Specialising in the provision of financial and strategic advice to corporate and institutional clients and Private Equity.

Institutional Equity Sales and Research - Specialising in equity sales; sales trading and research.

CPA partners


Edsring Pty Maintenance

Harris Gómez Group

Harris Gómez Group is an Australian-Chilean legal and business advisory firm located in Santiago, Chile.

In 2001 HGG was the first Australian law firm to have a local office in Latin America. The firm specialises in Australian (and other Common Law countries) and Latin American cross-border issues in areas such as Mining and Energy, Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax, IP and International Projects.

With over 18 years of experience immersed the respective legal and business cultures of Australia and Latin America, we create a seamless bridge between the two regions and have become an essential partner to many multinational enterprises.

-      We cover both jurisdictions - Latin American and Common Law with an agile team of Australian and Local lawyers & professionals. We make our client’s entry to the region time efficient and cost effective.

-      We take the guesswork out of understanding the business and laws of a foreign country; all our communication and documentation is in plain, “Australianised” English.

-      With over 10 years in Latin America, we help our clients take a regional view.


Kinetic Group 

Kinetic Group is the skills advisor to the resources sector. Our role is to work directly with industry and governments to provide workforce planning and development solutions for the resources sector.
Kinetic Group is the Queensland Industry Skills Body and the voice of industry on skilling in the resources sector both in Australia and internationally. 

With a unique understanding of the capabilities required of a modern resources sector workforce, and leveraging off cutting edge technology, Kinetic Group is able to deliver accelerated skilling solutions to facilitate industry growth into the future.

Kinetic Group has developed a suite of world-class services that have been tailored to assist in the training and skilling of the resources sector, including consultancy services and workforce development and planning initiatives.

Our work sees us partner with and support key stakeholders such as resources companies, contractors, training organisations and sites, as well as government and other peak industry bodies.  For more information visit


Konnaris CPA

Konnaris CPA is a boutique business consulting firm, specialised in assisting business nationally and internationally, with experience in the music, retail and building industries.
Consulting has been our strength in many areas of taxation, superannuation and business structures.  Our firm is very different with a proactive approach to business advice.


Lion and Son Pty Ltd


Logistix AU Pty Ltd

Logistix AU Pty Ltd is an Australian owned Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker. Our strengths lie in offering quality traditional Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance services combined with services such as Metro & Interstate Transportation, Warehousing, Packing / Unpacking, Insurance and Consultancy, according to our customer requirements.  Some of the advantages we have to offer our clients are: 

  • International Sea Freight & Air Freight
  • IATA agents and Members of AFIF and FIATA
  • Import / Export Consolidation
  • Break Bulk Cargo
  • Fully automated website
  • Electronic track and trace services with Quick View enabled POD for agents
  • Professional advice on the Best Routing & Greater Cost Savings
  • Road & Rail Transportation - Australia Wide 
  • Packing / Unpacking Depots - Australia-wide
  • Logistix AU Pty Ltd Director on the board of major Chamber of Commerce groups
  • Multilingual Team members.

At Logistix AU Pty Ltd we pride ourselves on being able to offer personalised service at competitive rates. Our professional and friendly team is trained to receive any task and deliver efficiency in service.

We have world wide service capabilities through our association with overseas agency networks that facilitate offices in every capital


MOVIDAS Journeys 

Movidas Journeys is a fresh and innovative company specialising in travel to Latin America – Mexico, Central America, Cuba, South America.  We also handle cruises to Antarctica.  

Movidas will arrange independent or group travel and at a standard to meet your needs from comfortably moderate to pampering luxurious and for business or pleasure.  Our reliable and loyal ground operators look after you in each destination from arrival at the airport to departure so you can relax and enjoy your stay while someone else looks after the finer details for you.




Pro Kinetics 

Pro Kinetics offer a range of Services from complete management of international supply chain to specific services within the chain.  At Pro Kinetics we focus on building long-term partnerships in order to maximise value for our clients.  

Pro Kinetics provides international supply chain management services specifically directed at Importers and Exporters who are seeking optimisation of their International supply chain including International Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Export Documentation and Logistics services.  Other services include National Wharf Cartage, Warehousing and Distribution.

The Company has grown to provide innovative documentation and logistics services for some of Australia's major brands as well as providing consultancy and supply chain solutions to major importers and exporters in the region.   Pro Kinetics services cover across the globe, specialising in the trades between Australia and New Zealand, Latin America, North America, Africa, Russia, India, The Middle East, Europe, China, Japan, South East Asia and more.

Pro Kinetics has comprehensive experience in freight forwarding and logistics industry and with our knowledge and understanding of sea and air freight requirements; this allows Pro Kinetics to work together with our clients to create unique solutions to meet their logistical needs. We also provide complete logistical solutions in Australia, i.e. customs clearance, domestic and interstate transport, warehousing and national Australian distribution and supply chain management, etc.

Some of the types of cargo and industries we handle and work with include: Dairy Specialists, Food and Beverages, Wine and Alcohol, Mining, Building and Construction, Agriculture and Machinery, Garment and Textiles, Grain, Automotive, Aviation, Cosmetics, Project Cargo, Trade Shows and Exhibitions and more.


Seafood Innovations

Seafood Innovations International Group Pty Ltd. (SIG) is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of welfare-friendly solutions for the fish harvest chain from point of seining to the provision of fish suitable for packing or value adding at the processing stage. 

Seafood Innovations Pty Ltd. (SI) was established in March 2001 as the business to build and market the SIG’s range of products and services.  To date, our patented technology has been successfully applied to a variety of fish species including Atlantic salmon, Yellowtail, Mulloway, Trout, Pangassius, Tilapia and Barramundi with future prospects including Cobia and Cod. 

The successful commercialisation of the SIG’s technology has assisted many Aquaculture companies world wide, to achieve humane, efficient and clean fish harvest practices with high quality product outcomes. 

We are progressively developing a world wide network support base with the establishment of SIG in Canada, exclusive agents in Norway and in the USA. SI has a strategically based an operations manager in Norway to support our northern hemisphere markets.   SI’s Head Office and manufacturing is located in Queensland, Australia.



SED Consulting

SED Consulting is a regionally-based advisory firm that offers a range of development, strategic and management services in the areas of agri-food, regional business and government policy.

SED Consulting has 18 offices throughout regional and metropolitan Australia, with a specialised network of over 60 professionals. In recent years, SED Consulting has provided advisory services to Latin American Governments and companies searching bilaterally for business and investment opportunities - particularly in the areas of agriculture and mining. With continued growth and development in the Latin American region, our vision is to open an office in Santiago during 2014.

Seraphim Risk 

Seraphim specialise in providing comprehensive solutions in business intelligence, corporate investigations, risk management and security services.


The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious tertiary institutions. It offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs, and has produced numerous alumni of distinction ranging from Nobel Prize-winners in medicine, physics and literature, to heads of government in Australia and also overseas, to international leaders in professions such as engineering and law as well as industry and commerce.

The University is home to a number of important research institutes and centres. These are focussed on issues of major national and international significance – food production, minerals and energy resources, climate change and environmental sustainability, photonics, and health.

The University has a strong international orientation. Its student population of over 24,000 includes more than 6,500 students from 90+ countries around the world, including Chile and other parts of Latin America.  Annual surveys of these students confirm the quality and affordability of their experience.


The University of Sydney - Centre for English Teaching 

The Centre for English is a leader in many areas of research and maintains high standards of excellence in teaching and learning practices, which are distinctive trademarks of the University of Sydney.

We offer innovative, high quality English language programs tailored to the needs of high achievers who want to succeed in the international market. Whether you are a business professional, an academic or university graduate, our corporate English language programs will help you enhance your communication and leadership skills.

As companies engage with overseas markets they need competent global citizens capable of negotiating and communicating in a cross-cultural business environment. Targeting skills deficiencies in this area will address the future needs of your business. Through our assessment centre our experienced education experts will help you meet the skills gaps ensuring your staff become globally-literate and able to interact confidently in a competitive international business environment.

Vantaz Group

Vantaz Group is an International Management Consulting with a focus on Business Transformation, from early stage design to successful implementation of changes in our Clients’ Businesses.  

Our lines of Business include: Strategy & Performance Management, Project & Organisational Change Management, Process Improvement, Shared Services & Outsourcing and Research & Reviews. 

Although we consult across a range of industries, 70% of our business is in the Mining and Resources industry.  We have operations in Australia (Perth and Melbourne), Chile (Santiago and Antofagasta), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and are currently in the process of setting up in Peru.  We have our own methodologies and experience, but we like to think our main differentiation is in the people we have and the culture that we bring to our way of doing consulting: close to clients and "hands to the task".


Vinos Online 

Our team consists of qualified experts (Chilean and Australian) including oenologists who can guide our customers to a selection of wines to suit their lifestyle whether it be entertaining, wine tasting or enjoying the sheer pleasure of an excellent wine with friends. We can also guide you in selecting wines to accompany that special dish you might like to prepare.


Wines of Chile

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